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Our Vision

Our vision is to excel as a global provider and marketer of entertainment products with profitable growth through innovation, product development, unceasing improvement, investment and brand building.

Our Mission

The mission of ShowItt Entertainment is to provide outstanding professional services and commanding production to our clients, partners, and personal projects in a wide range of entertainment industry disciplines…

Our Team

Meet the team members of ShowItt Entertainment who have made a commitment to the success of each client. James E. Chandler, Sr., Kelly Chandler and Cindy Baily. Their motto:
If you can see it – we can and will show it!




Do you have a production that is ready to go live?  Or maybe you need help flushing out your ideas for a treatment.  Great.  Condier us the partner you need to get that done. Where ever you are on your road to your theatrical masterpiece, we can provide the guidance and resources to get you there.


At ShowItt Entertainment, we love to nurture and encourage creative minds.  If you write plays, novels, blogs movie scripts or articles, we want to read them and help you share your story with the world. Need help getting your train of thought on paper, or an Editor.  We are here for you. 


We are proud to display a full array of exceptional music written and produced by our talented clients and we would love to do the same for you.  Need help getting a song from your heart to paper.  Already have the song and just need a means to publish and distribute it.  We can help.