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Are You Kidding Me? - Willie's World: Book I

Hi, my name is Deacon Willie A.P. Lester Jr., but everybody that knows me just calls me Willie. I’m the chairman of the deacon board at the Auburn Avenue Missionary Baptist Church, and what you’re going to discover about me is that I do not like this preacher we got down at the church by the name of Reverend Charles David Weldon III. This morning during service, as he was about to deliver another one of his tired sermons, I decided it was time to go. But what I thought was going to be another normal Sunday in church, ended up with the two of us spending the night in adjoining jail cells. They brought me in for a simple DUI, but I found out later that Weldon was arrested and being charged for something much more serious! Later, somebody told me that the church members had called a meeting, trying to find out just what happened to their raggedy pastor. The preacher man said he didn’t do nothing wrong, but somebody’s lying—and somebody’s dead! Well, the old folks tell it like this: “Whatever’s done in the dark, eventually gonna come to the light.” And when it does, all that’s left to say is, “Are You Kidding Me?”

Who's In My House? - Willie's World: Book II

By now, you should know that my official name and title is Willie A.P. Lester Jr., chairman of the deacon board down there at Auburn Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. Unfortunately, yesterday after Sunday morning service, I sort of ended up spending the night in the city jail and I was accompanied by this bootleg preacher we got, Rev. Charles David Weldon, III. They released us early this morning. But before we left, I kind of let a whopping secret slip out in a room full of church folk. I knew that once that revelation got out, it was gonna get crazy; so I grabbed my hat and got the devil up outta there. I caught a cab and went home to my apartment, hoping to just relax and get some rest from the ridiculous night I’d had. It took me a minute to unlock my door, but when I finally got inside, I ran into something and someone unexpectedly. As chaos broke out right here in my home, with one unwanted visitor after another, more secrets were revealed, emotions were on high, and all hell broke loose. And it all started when I hollered, “Hey … Who’s In My House?”

My Failing Doesn't Mean I'm a Failure

Have you ever had to look into the eyes of someone you loved and tried to explain to them why you did something you knew you should not have done? You are not alone. Many incredible men and women of God have been there, burdened with the shame that leaves them broken and depressed because they’ve failed the Lord tremendously. Now, an overwhelming regret has left you feeling disqualified from ever being used by Him again.
The Bible is filled with people who have failed and felt unloved by God, people who found themselves torn in spirit because they disappointed the very one who trusted them with so much. I know that hurt. I know that pain. However, I want you to know that just because you’ve made a mistake or put yourself in a difficult position, it doesn’t mean it’s over for you. I’m a living witness that God is still in the business of restoration. Since He hasn’t given up on you, you’re not allowed to give up on yourself. Remember…
Your Failing Doesn’t Mean You Are a Failure.