Never Would Have Made It:

The Rise Of Tyler Perry, The Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America

In a much-anticipated new memoir, Melvin Childs, former executive producer for Tyler Perry, details the incredible true story of the struggles, determination, friendship, and innovation that rocketed Tyler Perry to Hollywood domination and forever altered the course of Childs’s life. Available wherever books are sold February 17, 2012, Never Would Have Made It: The Rise of Tyler Perry, The Most Powerful Entertainer in Black America (And What It Really Took to Get Him There) is a must-read not only for Perry fans but also for hopefuls seeking to break into the entertainment industry. By recounting their journey within the industry, Childs has crafted an inspirational memoir that is part true-life story and part instructional text for aspiring entertainment entrepreneurs.

From early struggles and missteps to helping launch one of the most successful black entertainment moguls of the twenty-first century, Childs offers a fresh and honest description of the journey he and Perry embarked upon as young men. Acknowledged by Perry himself, Childs met Perry when the man the world would come to know and love as Madea was still an unknown writer searching for ways to make ends meet. Childs instantly recognized the unique talent Perry possessed and foresaw the success the playwright would have. The pair, along with another friend, soon joined forces in an effort to bring Perry’s work to the stage, with Childs providing the encouragement Perry needed to remain true to his artistic dreams and, just as importantly, taking risky chances to ensure that the business partnership had the financial backing needed to advertise and stage Perry’s work.

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