Do you have a message you need to share with the world, but you’re just not sure how to get started?  Have you already written the play, but you need a venue, actors, sets, etc?  Or maybe you just need an awesome marketing team to get the word out.  Great!  You’ve come to the right place.  ShowItt Entertainment supports the arts in a big way!

One of our superstars is James E. Chandler, Sr.  He is a gifted actor, singer and playwright.  He has always believed that the written play is a powerful and enjoyable venue for the Word of God and thousands of happy theater goers who have been blessed by his productions agree. 

The following productions were written, directed and produced by James and Kelly Chandler, Sr.  Check them out and see how we can do the same for you.

The Hill I

THE HILL takes place deep in the inner city of Atlanta, GA where Peter Myosin is desperately trying to escape the dangers of the city and all the unusual characters he runs into along the way. He soon learns how each person came to THE HILL for a different reason, but no one is sure what that is… In fact the only thing that is unanimously clear is… Something very strange is happening at THE HILL.  This fun filled, holy theatrical production is written, produced and directed by Pastor James E. Chandler, Sr.

The Hill II (Say Amem!)

In THE HILL-2 we fall in love all over again with the imaginative characters of Pastor James E. Chandler, Sr. This amazing cast portrays various church members, who like so many of us will have to learn the truth the hard way and go back to THE HILL Unfortunately it’s not a straight shot. The twists and turns along the way will have your mind buckling and your stomach aching with laughter. So whatever it takes, make sure you left out and see this amazing stage play.

The Hill III (Snapped!)

In THE HILL-3 Pastor Charles Davis Weldon, of all people has been accused of murder and finds himself behind bars. Church members are going at each other with a vengeance and it looks like everything, everyone has worked so hard for is now over… or is it? Be sure to catch your favorite characters, “Mary Ethel May Stevens”, Big Wanda, Leona Anthony, Q-T and more!